Man Performs Skillful Fingerstyle Guitar Cover Of Green Day And His Dog Loves It

Under the YouTube channel AcousticTrench, a talented musician calling himself Trench is uploading acoustic covers of well-known songs. Co-staring the videos is his loyal dog companion, Maple. One of his most beautiful covers is his version of “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, originally by Green Day. The video, originally released in 2016, features not only wonderful musical talent, but also a dog who clearly can’t get enough of the soothing music.

Trench is the owner of the successful YouTube channel AcousticTrench, which has more than 1.6 million subscribers. The self-described “fingerstyle guitarist and multi-instrumentalist” covers all kinds of songs: classic hits from former decades, modern pop or rock or even TV or movie music. His videos feature him playing a wide range of instruments and his canine companion Maple enjoying the music or, in special cases, even joining in on the fun.


Trench’s soothing music calms the soul. Maple clearly enjoys it as well, as she snuggles up to Trench in the video while keeping her stuffed toy elephant close. During some moments, all her attention is reserved for her owner’s clever fingers plucking at the guitar’s strings. Viewers meanwhile have to pick whether they want to follow Trench’s finger acrobatics or keep their attention on Maple.

While the video is not very long and not the whole song is covered, it is still a wonderful piece of music. The image of Trench sitting on the couch with Maple snuggling up to him is cozy and relaxing. Trench’s other videos show him in a variety of locations, from his backyard or travelling to random forest locations. His loyal dog is, of course, always at his side.

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